The Ride

A 1985 Volkswagen Vanagon


Untraveled Roads uses an older VW Vanagon for most travel. This is not just any old van. It has a rich history and a story all it's own. The previous owner, Frank, drove the van across country many times and kept it in great condition! He was also a photographer, so it seemed fitting that it was being passed on to Untraveled Roads. 

Sadly Frank passed away a few years ago and the van was left to his daughter and son-in-law. No longer having any family need, they decided to sell the vehicle. As a part of the purchase, they provided two framed photographs that Frank had taken to live on with the van. So Frank will always be a participant on the Untraveled Roads journey wherever the adventures may lead.


The Vanagon Phase 2


In order to help inspire passion / creativity in others, the original gold colored van was painted with black chalkboard paint, and on each journey colored chalk is provided so that people can freely draw on the vehicle. 

Untraveled Roads inc is a Non-Profit. Sales of art and donations are tax-deductable as allowed by law.  

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