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Get to know the artists that are contributing their work to the Untraveled Roads project.


If you are an artsit who may be interested in contributing some of your work for posting and sale through Untraveled Roads and you would be willing to have some or all of the proceeds go to helping people experincing difficult times, send an email to We would be grateful for your generosity and participation. 


Ryan Taylor - Photographer / Painter


Ryan Taylor is the founder and President of Untraveled Roads Inc. He first took up photography during the summer of 2014 when he was 18 years old, but his passion for art has been around since day one. Most of his work reflects his love for the outdoors and the wildlife that calls it home. He resides in beautiful Golden, Colorado which allows him close access to the endless beauty of the Colorado Rocky Mountains and non-stop adventure.


Ryan hopes to convey his zest for life through his artsitic creations and help inspire others to follow their dreams. After all, life is about the experience. So enjoy as much of it as you can!


Check out some of his music here as well


If you are interested in more of Ryan's work you can visit his website

or contact him by:

Phone - (720) 421-4188

Email -

Hannah Beethe - Photographer


Hannah Beethe developed an appreciation for photography her senior year of high school when she took a photography class that centered its curriculum around nature and famous artists who took an appreciation to the environment. Learning about these explorers who took astonishing photos inspired her to try and do the same. The majority of her work centers around her travels to the western part of the United States, but is not limited to that. Hannah enjoys working with people and creating portrait pictures. Her goal is to portray the importance of travel and appreciating nature through photography while trying to attract people into acting on their curiosity for what is beautiful in our world.


If you are interested in more of Hannah's work you can contact her by:

Phone - (817) 709-9051

Email -

Scott Taylor - Photographer 

Scott's artistic leanings have been evident since early childhood when he sang in church and school chorale ensembles, learning to play guitar at age 12, and drawing / painting various original creations in addtion to taking photographs for marketing his musical groups.  Upon graduation with a chemistry degree from the University of North Carolina, he continued serious musical pursuits on the side performing in various bands traveling regionally from Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia, and opened a recording studio / music store to capitalize on the synthesizer and MIDI computer interface technologies.  Moving to Colorado in 1993, Scott purchased a top-line Canon XL video camera to capture rocky mountain scenery and wildlife. Additionally, he kicked off a songwriting / recording project traveling to Nashville TN to work with local studio musicians there.  After working as a freelance pharmaceutical consultant for many years, in 2013 he purchased a Canon EOS-70D DSLR to videotape his daughter's choir performance at the home opener of Colorado Rockies major league baseball team.  This initiated Scott's venture into professional photography, which provided both immense enjoyment as well as physical adventure through hiking, camping, and capturing the vast natural landscapes and varied wildlife of the Colorado Rockies in the seemingly endless mountain locations.  He is proud to contribute to Untraveled Roads and be a part of the associated efforts in establishing an artistic community to support individuals experiencing difficult life circumstances.


If you are interested in more of Scott's work you can contact him by: 

Phone - (866) 289-0234

Email -


Bre Curtin - Painter / Drawer 


My name is Bre Curtin and my art is straight from the ether. I am the most present when I'm drawing! It is a form of meditation for me. When I am drawing I am connecting to our source and allowing the Divinity, which is our true essence, to show itself. I know every single one of us has something to share with the world and I encourage each of you to look within and bring to the surface your gift (: You are infinite!!! I hope my artwork acts as a mirror for the wonder and beauty all of us are made up of!! Love and peace and blessings brothers and sisters (((: Thank you for being you! 


If you are interested in more of Bre's work you contact her by: 

Phone - (404) 345-7876

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